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Antenna Tomtom One

Antenna Tomtom One

Item #: K46239. Ensures optimal GPS reception for your ONE: Some athermic heat-reflecting windscreens and built-in windscreen heaters block GPS signal reception inside the car. The magnetic, waterproof TomTom ONE External Antenna overcomes this and ensures optimal GPS reception, should you place it inside or outside the car...

Get the latest traffic reports while keeping your sat nav powered up, thanks to this 9UUC.002.00 cigar-lighter charger with a built-in TOMTOM RDS-TMC receiver.

TomTom Spark Music GPS Watch & Activity Tracker You're not only active during sweat-inducing workouts - Why wear a watch that's limited to capturing just one hour of your day? If you've been curious about the many benefits an activity tracker can add to your life OR your current activity tracker just isn't quite keeping up with the intensity of your daily training sessions, TomTom Spark is just the multi-functioning unit you need to track your every move through the entire day - from a quick trip down the stairs for your morning meeting to several heart-pumping laps around the track...

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